Current projects

These are a selection of the projects on which we are working currently. To see more examples of projects we have undertaken in the past, see here.

delivery, efficiency and innovation

Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge

Isos is supporting the European Mayors Challenge winning cities – Athens, Barcelona, Kirklees, Stockholm and Warsaw – to implement their innovative projects effectively and successfully. Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge is designed to help pioneer city innovation and spread exciting new ideas around the world. We are supporting this programme in partnership with the Innovation Unit.

strategic planning

Strategic reviews of special educational needs services and provision

Many local authorities in England are considering how local services and provision support children and young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND). We have carried out strategic SEND reviews in East Sussex, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire, and we are working currently with a number of other local areas to review and help shape their local services and provision.

strategic planning

Looking at the future of the local authority role in education in England

We are currently carrying out research, commissioned by the Local Government Association, on how the future local authority role in education is being developed in different local areas in England. We are also working with a number of individual local authorities to help to define and shape their education role and how they will support school improvement in the future.

research and evaluation

Local children's services improvement

Following on from our action research into children's services improvement, we are working with local councils to embed and build on the lessons from this research. We have facilitated regional seminars for elected members and senior officers, we are supporting a number of local areas to develop and implement strategies for rapid and sustained improvement, and we are carrying out further research into models of improvement support.

organisational capacity

Working with local education systems to strengthen school-to-school and schools-led strategic partnerships

Isos is working with a number of local education systems as they seek to develop schools-led strategic partnerships to lead local school improvement, including Camden, Derbyshire, Essex, Haringey, Barking & Dagenham and Poole. We are currently undertaking a research project, commissioned by the Local Government Association, to explore how local education systems across the country are seeking to strengthen schools-led partnerships and support school improvement.