Case studies

Delivery, efficiency and innovation

Supporting mainstream schools and settings: A “front door” to SEND services

Isos’ support in this process was instrumental, not least the way that they provided real clarity about the questions we needed to address

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Support for Haringey Corporate Delivery Unit

What they [Isos] did very well was teach us about the PMDU approach. Rather than tell us, ‘This is how you do it’, they would ask us questions, for example, ‘How will we communicate with priority leaders?’.

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Supporting Norfolk County Council to develop effective support for school improvement

Suitably experienced and skilful individuals quickly provided thought-provoking analysis and evaluation. This prompted further development that was followed by a deeper evaluation by Isos, a process that we plan to repeat over the year ahead.

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The impact of school improvement in a local authority

Isos delivered a terrific piece of work. Particularly impressed with the remarkable pace, especially in the diagnostic phase at the start. Costs sensible for this scale of work. Delivered on time. Everyone involved carried themselves equally with the upmost credibility.

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Review of primary school improvement

Isos listened carefully, interpreted the request, and shaped this into a very strong clear proposal. The review produced some challenging findings, and the local authority was completely confident about the depth and the rigour of the review.

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Supporting a local authority school improvement service to improve performance and increase efficiency

With the support of Isos we have been through a very challenging process as painlessly as possible. The money spent engaging their expertise has more than paid for itself.

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