Case studies

Organisational capacity

The future of education leadership in Norfolk

Isos Partnership worked very effectively with a wide range and a good percentage of the stakeholders in the Norfolk education system. … The project provides us with both a structure and sense of direction to achieve our vision.

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Programme review of the Teach First initial teacher training partnership

Isos embodied the Teach First values of collaboration, commitment and excellence, in particular, which we look for in all of those we work with.

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Design and development of the school standards unit

The success of this work can be seen in the positive feedback received from directors of education about the work of the Unit in the two terms following its establishment and in the Unit’s ability to carry out succession planning.

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Pakistan Delivery Leadership Workshop

Through their knowledge and experience of implementing public sector reform in the UK and the US, Isos were able to bring their insights into what works as well as their understanding of proven tools and methodologies.

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Delivering World Class Results – a Harvard Graduate School Institute - October 2010

We really appreciated the Isos Partners deep understanding of delivery and their appreciation of how it could apply in the specific context of the US K12 system and Race to the Top.

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Strategic partnership and capacity building with a leading educational non-profit organisation

Our success is their success. They understand our business and are committed to our cause. They are helping us to make a real difference.

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