What we do

We support public sector organisations, in the UK and overseas, to improve outcomes, working at every stage of the policy making and delivery process. Our distinctive offer comes in four areas, and ranges from shaping new initiatives to evaluating established programmes.

strategic planning

We can support you to develop policies and strategies and design performance and delivery systems to implement these. We have a strong record in engaging stakeholders in designing systems and strategic planning.

delivery, efficiency and innovation

We can assess and strengthen programme implementation, review progress of established projects, and provide rapid feedback from delivery partners. We can also work with you to reconfigure services and resources to maximise value for money.

organisational capacity

We will transfer skills and knowledge in every project we undertake. In addition we can work with you to create dedicated performance and delivery capability within your organization. We coach and train top teams and facilitate partner and stakeholder workshops.

research and evaluation

We are skilled in evaluating the impact of policies, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques, and can undertake bespoke research projects to inform policy making and delivery.