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Delivering World Class Results – a Harvard Graduate School Institute - October 2010

“This was a very important, innovative and successful event, and Isos really helped us to pull it off.”

What did we do?

Isos were commissioned by the US Education Delivery Institute (EDI) to help them and the Harvard Graduate School led by Bob Schwartz, to design and run the Delivering World Class Results Institute.  This four day event drew together the leadership teams from seven State Education Departments across the US to help them build their capacity to implement their ambitious Race to the Top Plans and ensure more of their students leave High School college and career ready.

Isos had a strong role in helping the EDI team to design and deliver a fast moving interactive programme. This included presentations by Isos partners working alongside Sir Michael Barber, role play, group workshops and extended team time.  The programme focussed on clarifying the goals the States were trying to achieve, analysing their key challenges, building their strategy into firm plans and establishing the routines needed to drive delivery.

What difference did we make?

Feedback from participants was very positive.  They felt that the Institute had enabled them to work intensely and effectively as a team and establish a really firm platform for implementing Race to the Top.  Each State identified the priority actions for improving student achievement and what they would need to do to ensure they were implemented effectively.  States identified how they would reconfigure their staff responsibilities and resources around the priority goals and actions. They left with a clear view about the next steps they needed to take back in their States and a strong desire to continue to learn from one another and to share challenges and emerging effective practice

What did the client say about our work?

Feedback from the client and participants involved testified to the impact of the project:

The client said: “We really appreciated the Isos Partners deep understanding of delivery and their appreciation of how it could apply in the specific context of the US K12 system and Race to the Top”

Comments from the participants included:

“Engaging, informative, entertaining and relevant”

“Their knowledge and expertise plus their ability to make things relevant was extremely valuable to our work”